(Winter 2011) GAME 231: Introduction to Internet Game Development

This course will introduce students to the main elements of Adobe Flash as it relates to game development. Students will develop (design and code) a casual game using Flash ActionScript 3 in the Flexbuilder framework. Students will also learn how to publish their games using Flash and make them playable online. [Source]

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* The final exam is open-book, which means, you are allowed to use lecture notes, the text book, your lab/project source-code, and the Internet during the exam. But please be noted that you are not allowed to share your thoughts, i.e. talk, or work with your classmates. If I encounter such incidents during the exam or later find immense similarities between your answers, i.e. your source-code, you will receive a failing grade that is 0 out of 50. All the game pieces, i.e. images, movie clips, etc., will be provided by me during the exam.

Please refer to Blackboard for course materials, i.e. lecture notes, etc. Also, you must submit your individual and group assignments via Blackboard. Late assignments and projects will not be accepted.

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